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Description:                        Travelling by car

Description:                        Travelling by train

Tips for travelling to Ticino:     All roads lead to Ticino

Travelling by car

Don't go to Campione      


Bissone  -  Maroggia   aprox. 1 km

When you arrive in Maroggia take the road to Arogno       (Maroggia - Arogno  about 7 mins.)


When you arrive in Arogno take the road  to Pugerna/Caprino

do not go to Vissino


Arogno  - Pugerna      (about  7 - 8 mins.)

When you arrive in Pugerna head to Caprino



Travelling by train


When you arrive at  Lugano station by train

Take the funiculare (a small cablecar) which is 2 mins. to the centre of town.

It takes about 5 mins on foot to cross  Piazza Riforma and get to the boatstation.

Take the boat to San Rocco, where we will pick you up, if you let us konw the time of arrival.


(Many boats cross the lake in the afternoon)       






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